Lisa Hake, MA, LMHC, GMHS

Counseling and Consultation

It's Time to Move Forward

Feeling stuck, hopeless, or confused? Need a change, but not sure what that would be or even if it's possible? These are exactly the issues that I work with.  I believe that we all have what it takes to change our path--or embark on a new one. But sometimes life throws us challenges that are too overwhelming to handle alone.

As a therapist, I view you as the expert on your own life.  My role is to provide a supportive, skilled presence, facilitating your own wisdom in clearing life's hurdles.  I am there to help you access your own insight into solutions that work for you. 

I integrate a variety of approaches, including strengths-based, cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, narrative, humanistic, and mindfulness therapies.  I assist clients with concerns related to depression, anxiety, stress, aging, living with physical or mental disabilities, caregiver exhaustion, dating, partner and family relationships, and gender and sexual identity.  I work with adults, couples and older adults, including LGBTQ individuals and families.  My approach is collaborative and interactive--successful psychotherapy involves client work both in and outside of sessions. 

                 My goal is to help you find your strengths, face                               challenges with compassion and competence, and lead                    a life that is productive and fulfilling.